We are specialists in complex technical contracts and service

We are specialists in complex technical contracts and service

Brøndum was established in 1943 by Axel Brøndum and since then, it has been a family owned business. Today Brøndum is one of Denmark’s largest technical contractors.

More about Brøndum

Brøndum is one of Denmark’s largest and oldest technical contractors with substantial international experience. We specialize in projects comprising plumbing, ventilation, sprinkler, cooling, district heating, energy installations and service.

OPERATIONS: Specialists in complex technical contracts

Brøndum carry out operation and maintenance for all technical installations and industrial plants within the areas of plumbing, ventilation, sprinkler, cooling and district heating.

With Brøndum as a partner your project will always be solved in time and within the agreed scope of supply. We promise this because this is our focus and we are good at it.

SERVICE: Small and large service jobs since 1943

We have age long experience in solving small and large service jobs for private customers.

Regular maintenance will secure effective operation, better indoor climate and energy savings for the benefit of both environment and spending.

Selected references

ARC (Amager Ressource Center)

More than 1,4 sq km pipes, construction of a pipe-bridge and a valve station for ARC - a multi-functional waste-to-energy plant.

HOFOR, Copenhagen

Establishment of a 320 m underground district heating tunnel under the harbour of Copenhagen. The tunnel measures a distance of 3 metres across.

AUH - Aarhus University Hospital

Design and installation of fire sprinkler systems in AUH’s new facility in 17 floors and in the new hospital in Goedstrup (in the western area of DK).


Ventilation, sprinkler, plumbing, cooling and heating within the establishment of 49 apartments, a carpark and a health center in 6.000 sq metres.

DOKK1, Aarhus

Ventilation, plumbing and sprinkler in the main library and cultural centre of Aarhus and in its underground carpark.

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